Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The Orchard Ridge Campus will host a broad variety of new French language films as part of the Tourneés Festival, to be held in the Smith Theatre in March and April. The Tourneés Festival is a program of the French American Cultural Exchange (FACE), which brings contemporary French cinema to American college and university campuses. It offers films that span generations and geographic borders, offer a range of genres, and showcases innovations in both style and storytelling.

Admission to the showings is free to OCC students, staff and faculty. Members of the community will pay a modest $5 admission.

The event is made possible through a grant written by OR faculty member Gheorghita Tres, and supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Centre National de la Cinématographie et la Image Animeé, the Florence Gould Foundation and Highbrow Entertainment.

"The six films were selected not only for their cinematic value, but for their social and cultural relevance," Tres said. Directors include such well-known names as Werner Herzog and Agnés Varda.

The films and show dates are:
Un Prophète (A Prophet), Thursday, March 28 at 7:30 pm  

Entre Les Murs (The Class), Saturday, March 30 at 1:00 pm  

La Grotte Des Rêves Perdus (Cave of Forgotten Dreams), Wednesday, April 3 at 10:00 a.m.  

L’Illusioniste (The Illusionist), Wednesday, April 3 at 1:00 pm  

Des Dieux et Des Hommes (Of Gods and Men), Thursday, April 4 at 7:30 pm  

Les Plages D’Agnes (The Beaches of Agnes), Saturday, April 6 at 1:00 pm

Selected by a committee convened by Dean Phyllis Curtis-Tweed, the broad thematic range of these productions provides significant enhancement to the curriculum, applicable to academic outcomes in many disciplines.

Faculty members from all disciplines are encouraged to bring their classes, and to participate in post-secondary discussion panels that will address discipline-specific interpretive issues and engage the audience in analytic dialog on the films.

The films’ content directly applies to a wide range of areas including languages and their cultures (mainly French, but also Arabic, Italian and Spanish), film studies, social studies, world history, anthropology, global studies, political science, psychology, criminal justice, fine arts and religious studies.

For more information go to facecouncil.org, or e-mail Gheorghita Tres at gxtres@oaklandcc.edu.

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