Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Public safety program available to college community

The Behavioral Assessment Review Program is available to the OCC community to review improper behaviors and communication involving anyone on campus except employees. The concept is to identify threatening issues before they have a chance to manifest themselves into more significant, unacceptable actions. 
Each campus has a Behavioral Assessment Review Team, also known as BART.  At a minimum, they consist of the campus Dean, a Public Safety representative, and a counselor.

BART contacts are as follows:

·  Auburn Hills: Henry Tanaka

·  District Office: Carla Mathews

·  Highland Lakes: Tim Walter

·  Orchard Ridge: Robert Spann

·  Royal Oak: Bev Stanbrough

·  Southfield: Lloyd Crews

BART reviews improper behavior that occurs on-line, on the phone, in the classroom, or anywhere else at Oakland Community College. Then the BART team develops intervention strategies or takes disciplinary actions based on the behavior. If you become aware of any communication or behavior that could be interpreted as inappropriate, potentially threatening or illegal, you should:

·  Contact Public Safety immediately at 911 if it’s an emergency. If it’s less than an emergency, but requires a Public Safety response, call 5555 from any college phone or (248) 858-4951.

·  If the situation does not rise to the level listed above, the concerned party should complete a BART Concern Form/Incident Report and forward to the BART contact on your campus or site.

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