Thursday, November 7, 2013

Find What You Need With a Click of the Mouse

Searching the OCC library just got easier.

You can now find books, articles, and more with the stroke of a key. Search Everything, new to OCC this fall, is a seamless way to find almost anything at the OCC Libraries.
You can find online and print materials, including:

• Books, videos and other materials available for checkout in the OCC Library Catalog
• Online full-text magazine, newspaper, and journal articles from more than 30 databases
• Ebooks, streaming videos, and images

How do you get there?

Go to the OCC Libraries page here. Scroll to the Search Everything tab and add your search words into the search box. On the next screen, select from as many options as you would like to narrow down your results.   Searches can be limited by format, date, related subjects, OCC location, publication name or database. 

Use Search Everything if:

• You don’t know where to start your research
• You want to go beyond results from your searches in other databases or the Library Catalog
• You would like to see results sorted by relevancy rather than date
• You would like to see an overview of what’s available at OCC
• You would like to search multiple databases at once

Do not use Search Everything if:

• You need more precise results from subject headings in the Library Catalog or databases
• You are searching for a topic covered in a specialized database. For example, some OCC research databases are not included in Search Everything, such as the Wall Street Journal.
• If you are looking for a specific book or article. The Library Catalog is best if you know the book you want, and the OCC Library Journals List is the best place to find a known article.

Do you still prefer the old library catalogue?

The classic Find Books/Library Catalog is still available to you.
Separate databases can also still be searched from the Find Articles/Databases page. 

How can I learn more?  

Watch a video demonstration by clicking here.

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