Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thought of a First Time College Student

It’s early in the morning and my eyes are drooping,
Got butterflies in my stomach, coffee jittering my brain.
Nerves are shot, ‘What in the world was I thinking?!
I thought college was for me, I must really be insane’.

Can’t eat, can’t sleep, what should I do?
Struggle to keep some cheerios down as the clock ticks on by.
I get in the car, everything packed; I hope this won’t fall through.
As the campus draws closer, I feel like I just might die.

Forty minutes early just in case,
Run to the restroom, I think I’m gonna be sick.
Until just now I thought this class I would ace,
But now I’m unsure, I hope the class is over quick.

Waiting for the teacher, students line the hall,
Anxiety is growing; maybe I’m just not ready.
Looks like I’m the only first-year; I feel really small,
I do everything in my power to keep my balance steady.

Finally the teacher arrives; I quickly take a seat,
He goes over the syllabus, looks pretty easy.
He surprises us with an activity; my heart skips a beat,
My stomach is churning, I feel queasy.

It actually wasn’t bad; truth is it was fun,
Turns out my fears were for nothing.
College isn’t so bad; class is already almost done,
But the amounts of homework, my friends definitely weren’t bluffing!

Being in college is a lot of work, but it’s a great feel,
As long as you like coffee you should be ok.
I’m glad to be here; to me it’s a huge deal,
Let’s give a shout-out to OCC, what do you say?

                   Dovid Nissan Roetter – Student at Oakland Community College

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